Fitting Using The Standard Fittings

What’s in the box?

Your box will contain your new Familoo toilet seat and two sets of fittings.

These fittings will fit all standard toilets (for full dimensions click here).

Standard fittings include 2 x screws, 2 x nuts, 2 x adjustable seat attachments and 2 x white covers.

Step 1

Remove your old toilet seat and make sure the area around the seat is clean and dry.

Take one of the yellow bolts and press down firmly into one of the holes, ensuring the top of the bolt is flush with the top of the toilet.

familoo fitting

Step 2

Repeat this step on the other side so both bolts are now in place, flush with the toilet seat.

You may have to press firmly to get the bolts all the way in.

Your toilet should now look like this:

Step 3

The next step is to get the seat attachments in the correct place for your toilet.  The position will vary depending on the distance between your fitting holes and the length of your toilet.

Place the seat attachment over the hole and tighten a screw half way into the bolt.  Don’t screw all the way down as you’ll need to be able to adjust the position of the attachment as illustrated in the next step.

familoo fitting

Step 4

This picture shows how you can adjust the fitting to cater for different toilet sizes.

familoo fitting

Step 5

To make sure you have the fittings in the right place lay the Familoo toilet seat flat on the pan and make sure that the bolts on the attachment fittings line up with the holes on the seat as shown.

As well as width, also consider the length of the seat on the pan.

Move the fittings back or forward to make sure the bottom of the toilet seat sits nicely on the edge of the pan.

familoo fitting

Step 6

Now you’re happy the fittings are in the right place it’s time to screw the bolt all the way in.

As shown in the next picture, the nuts are designed to compress as the bolt is screwed.  For the most secure fitting screw the bolt as tight as possible.

You should not be able to move the attachment at all once the bolt is in place.

familoo fitting

Step 7

This pictures shows how the nut contracts to form a strong and secure attachment underneath the pan as the bolt is tightened.

familoo fitting

Step 8

Your toilet should now look like this, with both attachments securely in place.

Almost done!

familoo fitting

Step 9

Before attaching the seat the last step is to slide the white covers over the seat attachments.

One step to go!

Step 10 – Ready to use!

Finally, lower the Familoo onto the attachment bolts and push down until the seat clicks into place.

To detach, press the quick release button on the hinge once and pull the seat upwards.

Let the toilet training begin!

toilet training seat

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