Family Toilet Seat Features


The Familoo Family Toilet Seat is a ‘dual toilet seat’ – an adult and toddler seat combined in one unit. It’s packed with features designed to make toilet training as easy as possible for both you and your toddler.

The Familoo is stylish, soft-close and the toddler seat is sturdy, yet lightweight to avoid any unfortunate trapped finger incidents! It’s also got a one-button quick-release mechanism to make cleaning around the seat easier than ever.

This makes the Familoo one of the most hygienic toilet training solutions on the market.

Unlike other dual toilet seats the toddler toilet seat on the Familoo is held up by a magnetic catch when not in use.  Its sleek design means that adults can use the adult seat comfortably without the toddler toilet seat getting in the way.

The Familoo is sturdy, safe, looks great and helps keep your bathroom tidy!

Throw in the fact that the Familoo is one of the most competitively priced seats out there and you’ll see why we believe that this is the only toilet training accessory you’ll ever need to buy.


The Familoo family toilet seat seat fits most standard toilets and you can easily check if it will fit yours here.

We’ve included some videos of the Familoo in action below. We hope you enjoy them!

Enjoy our ”Meet the Familoo” video!

See the Familoo In Action!

The Familoo ”Quick-release” Button

Have a question?  You may find it answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page. If not, then feel free to contact us.  We’re here to help!

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