Familoo Dimensions

Our Family Toilet Seat fits all standard toilets and is extremely easy to install.  The Familoo dimensions are shown below (note that all measurements in the specification diagram below are in mm).

The fittings included with the Familoo allow attachment to both top and bottom fixing toilets and can be used on toilets with fitting holes (the holes on the top of the pan) between 95mm and 185mm apart measuring from the far edge.

IMPORTANT: If the distance between the fitting holes on your toilet is greater than 185 mm (18.5 cm) then unfortunately the Familoo will not fit your toilet. 

As we are unable to refund seats which have been opened due to hygiene reasons please check this before ordering.

Choose your Fittings

As some toilets have fitting holes which are wider at the top than at the bottom we offer a choice of 2 fitting options to suit your style of toilet.

All seats ship with ”Fitting 1 – STANDARD” included which cater for the majority of toilets. You can choose from our other fitting option at checkout and you will receive the additional fittings with your Familoo at no extra cost.  Please see the description below to choose which fittings are best for you.

Top or Bottom fixing toilet? If you can access underneath your pan to screw/unscrew the fittings then you have a bottom fixing toilet.  If your toilet is completely enclosed and you have no access to the fitting holes underneath the toilet then you have a top fixing toilet.

FITTING 1 – STANDARD: Our Standard fittings will be suitable for most toilets.  These will fit:

– Both Top and Bottom fixing toilets with fitting holes at least 14mm (1.4cm) wide all the way down (top and bottom)

– Bottom fixing toilets with fitting holes which are narrower than 14mm (1.4cm) at any point.

FITTING 2 – NARROW TOP FIXING: This fitting fits only top fixing toilets with fitting holes at least 12.6mm wide.  If your fitting holes are 14mm or wider all the way down then the standard fittings will be fine.

If in doubt, give us a shout at sales@familoo.com.au or contact us via this form – we’re here to help!

For full fitting instructions with pictures click here.

Familoo Dimensions

I had been researching 'family toilet seats' for a while (they have a hidden toddler seat in the lid). I'd initially decided on getting the soft-close family seat from Bunnings for $100. But then....someone on this page mentioned this one (which is only $60 and just as good, so a massive saving!!!). It's called the 'Familoo'. I ordered it last Wednesday and it arrived the very next day, and my daughter LOVES it. It saves her having to grab her toilet seat from beside the washing machine and then lift the toilet lid and put it on etc.....all she has to do now is lift our toilet lid, and pull her own little toilet seat down (it's held up by a magnet!!). So neat and tidy and EASY!!!!!! BIG THUMBS UP FROM THIS HOUSEHOLD!! And it's a soft-close so no slamming toilet lids!!

Penelope Bazaliza

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