Founder, Familoo

Welcome to Familoo – home of the Family Toilet Seat!

We’re an Australian family run business who understand all about the trials and tribulations of toilet training.

When we started toilet training our eldest son we spent a small fortune buying a variety of training seats and accesories for our toilet.

All of these were a combination of poor quality, unstable and uncomfortable and our toilet was cluttered with attachments.  We also had the added inconvenience of having to take them on and off every time one of us needed to use the loo!

We looked into finding a fully integrated toilet training seat – an adult toilet seat with a toddler toilet seat built-in –  and were shocked at the prices!

Not only that but none of these seats combined all of the features we were looking for.

With three toilets to buy for we couldn’t believe there wasn’t something on the market that was excellent quality, had great features AND was reasonably priced.

So we decided to “do it ourselves” and the Familoo family toilet seat was born.

Our toddler loved it.  It made our lives so much easier and we’re confident that you will love it too.

Fully integrated, excellent quality and great features.  All at an affordable price.

From this :

Before Familoo

Before Familoo


To this :

toddler toilet seat

After Familoo



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